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Meet the Non-Resident Animals at Wildwood Zoo


At Wildwood Zoo, we have two types of animals.  We have zoo animals and non-resident wildlife.  Zoo animals are those animals that live at the zoo year-round.  They are housed in our exhibit areas.  Non-resident wildlife are animals that you will likely see at our zoo, but that are free to leave whenever they choose.  Scroll down and learn about some of the non-resident animals you are likely to see!


There are many waterfowl species found at Wildwood Zoo. Some of the more common ones are Canada geese (shown above), mallard ducks, and wood ducks.frog

We also have several frog species and American toads (shown above) living at the zoo. During the spring and summer it is very common to hear different frog calls. Some sound like a banjo, while others are more of a peeping sound. Next time you are around the stream during the spring and summer, listen up; you are sure to hear one of these calls!

Painted turtles (shown above) can be seen sunbathing along the stream on hay bales and rocks. It is common to see both adults and younger turtles during the summer months. Another good place to spot these turtles is when they go for a swim (shown below). The best place to stand to see the turtles swim is on the bridge near the prairie dog enclosure.

If you are really lucky and look really hard you might spot "Snappy" the snapping turtle (shown below) swimming in the water. He is a larger-sized snapping turtle that likes to spend his time in the stream. He likes to hide near the rocks and blends in really well; this is why you have to look really hard! He is also sneaky and will disappear into deeper water shortly after being spotted.

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