Wildwood Zoo

Ed-Zoo-Cation at Wildwood Zoo

 lizard on hat 

Did you ever wonder what a great horned owl feather feels like? Or what our mountain lions eat? Or maybe which toys the Canada lynx likes to play with? Our dedicated education staff can answer these and many other questions you may have. So check us out and learn about the wonderful animals living at Wildwood Zoo!

Wildwood Zoo offers Ed-ZOO-Cational talks during the summer where you can learn about our animals' diets and their enrichment. "What is enrichment?", you may ask. It's a program where we give our animals special treats and toys to play with to keep them occupied and to bring out their natural behaviors! Our animals are always doing new and exciting things during the talks so the talks are always unique!  

We also offer fun and exciting Wild Wednesdays Programs every Wednesday during the summer. At these programs, you can meet and learn about several different kinds of animals that are visiting the zoo for the day.

The zoo's Education Kiosk is filled with information about the zoo, the zoo animals, and the non-zoo animals! There are fun activities for the whole family found at the kiosk. Some of the activities include a zoo scavenger hunt, non-zoo animal check off lists, and favorite animal coloring pages. The kiosk is also where you can "meet" some of the zoo animals by learning all about them. To learn more about each activity visit the zoo Education Kiosk page.

The zoo education staff recommends printing off activity pages before visiting the zoo to ensure you have the activity pages you want for your visit. The activities are popular and sometimes the zoo kiosk runs out of activity pages. To print off the pages please visit the Zoo Education Kiosk Webpage!

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