Wildwood Zoo

Large Animal Drive at Wildwood Zoo

 new buck large animal drive buffalo

Wildwood Zoo offers a unique way to view some of the resident animals called the Large Animal Drive!

This drive allows you to see bison, wild turkeys, white-tailed deer, elk, and timber wolves all from your car! Of course you may also walk the path along these animal exhibits if you wish to. Where else can you spot wolves and elk on a walk? Bikes are also allowed on the path; please remember though that bikes are not allowed in the core zoo. The best part, the drive has extended hours (7am-10pm year-round) compared to our regular zoo hours. This way you can always get your daily dose of our wonderful zoo animals as well as see what our animals are up to throughout the day!

The large animal drive begins right off of West 17th Street in Marshfield, near South Adams Avenue. This is a one-way road with a speed limit of 15mph. This is to ensure safety to visitors on foot or bike.

The drive begins by going past the upper pond, continuing on, passing the bison, deer, and elk. If all the animals are on the other side of their pasture-don't worry! The drive loops around and passes the other side of most of the enclosures. The drive ends passing the wolf exhibit and going through the forested part of Wildwood Park. Again, please watch out for visitors on foot and bike; there are several walking trails that go through the forested area.

We hope you take advantage of the Large Animal Drive and enjoy the animals along this unique drive!