Wildwood Zoo

Meet the Mountain Lions at Wildwood Zoo

Star       Thunder

Meet Star and Thunder!

Star and Thunder are sister and brother mountain lions that joined Wildwood Zoo in the fall of 2008.  They were born May 1, 2008 at Maple Lane Wildlife Farm in Indiana.  They are very active and love to play, wrestle, and watch the geese at the zoo.

Even though Star weighs 50 pounds less than Thunder she doesn't let him push her around.

Star and Thunder are both very vocal and like to be talked to.  You may hear them chirp and even purr if you listen closely.  Mountain lions are classified as small cats because they cannot roar.  They can make many other sounds including chirps, hisses, growls and screams.

Mountain Lions are very large cats that are often referred to as cougars or pumas.  Mountain lions are the fourth heaviest cat in the world (after tigers, lions, and jaguars). Mountain lions are carnivores that feed on any prey they can catch.  They will eat everything from insects to moose, although their most important prey species are deer and elk.

Mountain Lion Range in North America
 map mountain lion
For more information, please visit the Mountain Lion Foundation.