Wildwood Zoo

Meet the Rabbits at Wildwood Zoo

At Wildwood Zoo, we have several rabbits that are available for viewing during the summer months.  While these rabbits are not wildlife of North America, they are closely related to Cottontail Rabbits.  Cottontail Rabbits are the wild rabbits that live in Central Wisconsin.  Cottontails are too skittish to keep in captivity.  If we kept them at the zoo, they would likely hurt themselves.  The domestic rabbits we keep at the zoo are much tamer and more relaxed with people watching them.  We have several different kinds of rabbits, including Dutch, Mini-Lops, Rexes, and mixed breeds.  The kind of rabbits on exhibit rotate so stop in often to see what we have on display.

If you find a baby bunny in the spring, do not assume that it's mom has abandoned it.  Female rabbits only spend about 5 hours a day with their young.  They feed them once in the morning and once in the evening.  The rest of the day the mother stays away from her nest so that predators will not be drawn to it.  Female rabbits are pregnant again within 24 hours of giving birth and their babies are often on their own at 3 weeks of age.

We do ask that you do not feed the rabbits since they are on a special zoo diet and always keep your fingers on your side of the fence!

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