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Meet the Rough-legged Hawks at Wildwood Zoo

 Rough-legged Hawk

We have two Rough-legged Hawks at the zoo named Bella and Jordan - one male and one female.  They were named by the students at Madison Elementary participating in our Recycling for Wildwood Zoo program.   Bella has an injury to her left eye and Jordan has an injury to his wing.  They came to us from Utah in 2013. Because they would not be able to hunt successfully they would not survive in the wild.   

Hawks are large hawks that commonly winter in Wisconsin.  They breed and spend their summers in Canada before migrating down to the United States to find food for the winter.  

Rough-legged hawks got their name from the feathering that extends all the way down to their toes.  The only other North American raptors that display this characteristic are Golden Eagles and Ferruginous Hawks.  Rough-legged hawks like to eat small mammals (like prairie dogs and rabbits), but will occasionally take a bird as well.

Rough-legged Hawk Range in North America
map rough legged hawk 
 For more information, please visit USGS.

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