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Meet the Timber Wolves at Wildwood Zoo

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Wildwood Zoo is excited to announce the arrival of our three new Timber wolves! These 2 ½-year-old siblings (two brothers and a sister) joined the zoo on November 5, 2015. They came to Wildwood Zoo from the Wild World of Animals in Pennsylvania. The Wild World of Animals is a well-known and respected animal education and training company. The new wolves will be named through a promotion organized by the Zoological society.

Historically, wolves lived throughout the state of Wisconsin. It is estimated that 3,000-5,000 wolves lived in the state prior to settlement in the 1830’s. However, by the 1950’s wolves had been almost completely extirpated from the state. In 1957, Wolves were protected by the State, and in 1974 they received Federal protection. Since then, they have made a steady comeback. In 2012, it was estimated that there were a little over 800 wolves in the state. Following a brief delisting from the Endangered Species List, wolves were relisted in December of 2014. There is still a great deal of controversy over wolves and their management. Many people can appreciate wolves’ place on the landscape and respect them as a vital part of our ecosystem, while others view wolves as a nuisance citing danger to livestock, other game animals, or people. It is important to note that in the last 500 years, there have only been a few documented wolf attacks in North America. Wolf depredation accounts for about 1% of livestock loss, less than from coyotes or wild dogs. Wolves in Wisconsin kill about 15,000 deer per year. During the 9-day 2014 Wisconsin Gun Deer Season alone, hunters registered 191,550 deer.


Gray Wolf Range in North America
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For more information, please visit the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources