Wildwood Zoo

Wildwood Zoo Tour Information
 duck family

Wildwood Zoo is open year-round for those who would like to tour the zoo on their own during zoo hours.  Zookeeper-guided tours are available year-round at a rate of $44.00 per hour. 

Zookeeper tours last approximately one hour.  Staff from the zoo will accompany your group around the core zoo area talking about the zoo animals, showing you what goes on behind the scenes at the zoo, and offering you an opportunity to see and touch animal artifacts (things like skulls and pelts).  We try to also do enrichment with one of the animals during a tour.  During enrichment, we put a toy or special treat in with an animal to bring out more natural behaviors.

We would love to know when your group is planning to visit! If you would like to set up a tour, please call the Marshfield Parks & Recreation Department at 715-384-4642, extension 0 to schedule a date and time.