Wildwood Zoo

Wall for Wildlife at Wildwood Zoo

With your help, we can build this beautiful wall and make the rest of the zoo a better place! With the funds we receive from this we can:

  • Make renovations to existing enclosures
  • Build new animal habitats
  • Bring new animals to the zoo
  • Move forward with visionary projects such as the sensory gardens

Why get a commemorative stone:

  • Recognize your family or business name
  • Feature the names of your children
  • In Honor or Memory of a loved one
  • Special gift for grandparents or grandchildren
Sizes of Stones and Prices 
6"x12"                          $300
12"x12"                        $425
12"x24"                        $750
24"x24"                     $1,000
24"x24"                     $2,000
(with Animal Etching)

To download a price list and order form, click here. For more information, contact Mary Wilson at 715-384-4481.
wall for wildlife stone