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Adopt an Animal at Wildwood Zoo

 gray fox pic
Why adopt one of our zoo animals? There are several reasons! By adopting one of the zoo animals you are helping provide for that animal’s needs. You are also able to create a unique bond with the zoo while helping the animals living there. In addition, it makes a unique gift that you can give to family members, colleagues, bosses, neighbors, friends, and teachers. Your gift is also tax deductible since the zoological society is a not-for-profit organization. Proceeds help the Zoological Society to purchase new animals, put on educational programs at the zoo as well as provide for other animal needs. All of the zoo animals are available for zoo adoption.

To adopt a zoo animal please fill out our Animal Adoption Donation Form (updated form will be available soon!)  and mail it along with your payment to: Wildwood Park Zoological Society, Attn: Animal Adoption, PO Box 523, Marshfield WI, 54449.

There are two levels of adoptions:

$35 level:

  •  4x6 photo of the animal you are adopting

  • Certificate signed by the zookeeper

  • Animal fact sheet

  • Your name will appear on the zoo website as one of our animal adopters

$50 level:

  • Everything from above, plus

  • Metal sign created by Serenity Designs in Marshfield, WI  http://www.serenity-designs-wi.com/
    Metal Sign
    (Sign will feature adopter's name, image of adopted animal, and adoption year. The zoo will display the sign near the adopted animal's enclosure and it will remain there through the season. The sign is approximately 16.5" x 13" and is weather-resistant. Signs will be available for pick up on Saturday, October 10 at the Wildwood Zoo Trick-or-Treat event or at the Wildwood Zoo Store from October 10-31st. The address for the Parks and Recreation Office is 630 S. Central Ave., Ste. 201R, Marshfield, WI 54449)

Please allow 3-6 weeks to receive your adoption package.

Species available for adoption include: American Bison, American Elk, Arctic Fox, Bald Eagle, Bighorn Sheep, Canada Lynx, Gray Fox, Great Horned Owl, Grizzly Bear, Mountain Lion, Peregrine Falcon, Prairie Dog, Red-tailed Hawk, Rough-legged Hawk, Sandhill Crane, Screech Owl, Timber Wolf, Turkey Vulture, and White-tailed Deer

Wildwood Zoo's Animals Thank the Following People for Their Adoption

$50 Level Adoptions 2015
 Dave Wurl
(Gray Fox)
(Arctic Fox)
Mary Kahn's
5th Grade Class
(Arctic Fox)
Parker & Emerson
(Grizzly Bear)
Miss Reed's Class
(Bald Eagle)
Patti Christensen
(Canada Lynx)