Wildwood Zoo

Zoo Education Kiosk at Wildwood Zoo

Zoo Crew  

After the camera, sunscreen, and snacks what is the next most important item to bring to the zoo? Give up? The answer is a Pen!

Our dedicated education staff has created several fun activities you can do at the zoo and all you need to bring is a pen. Once you get to the zoo, visit the zoo's education kiosk where you can pick up fun activity pages that can be completed during your zoo visit. You can also print off any of the pages from home by clicking on the links below.

One of the most popular activities is the zoo scavenger hunt. To complete this activity, grab one of the scavenger hunt pages from inside the kiosk or print a copy from home. Then, run around and have fun finding the answers to all the questions on signs posted around the zoo. Beware, some questions require you take a good look at the signs, while other questions are easier to discover the answer.

If you are seeking an adventure at the zoo, you may want to try our non-zoo animal check-off list. This activity requires you to search for and identify animals that are not zoo residents. These animals are wild and, therefore, do not have a zoo exhibit but they have been spotted on zoo grounds. Some of these animals are very common at the zoo and are easily spotted while others can be seen at the zoo only during certain seasons. If you are lucky and search hard, hopefully you will be able to check off most of the animals on the non-zoo animal check off page. There is also a spot on the zoo kiosk to help you identify some of the non-zoo animals. You may also ask the keeper or any of the zoo volunteers for help identifying any of these animals. Check off-lists can be found at the zoo education kiosk or printed off from the link below.

If you are an artist, we encourage you to print off one of our favorite animal coloring pages. Draw your favorite animal on the page and share it with a friend or family member.  Pages can be printed from the list below.

Wildwood Zoo Activity pages can also be found within the zoo kiosk.  For the answers to the activity page please see the ed-zoo-cation webpage.