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Please see the City Administrator's Recommend Budget for 2022, here.

The City budget is an ongoing process, but each year in the fall season, a budget must be adopted by the Council for the following year.  Before the budget is presented to the Common Council, Department and Division Heads along with the City Administrator and Finance Department to begin the process in June.  The City Administrator then compiles all the information into their recommended budget for the Council to discuss.   A series of meetings take place in October with the Common Council before a public hearing takes place prior to approval of the budget.  

The City budget is a document the City sets forth its detailed plan for the coming year’s revenues and expenditures, and the City’s property tax rate is established, based upon the total amount levied.

Although not chiseled in stone, the annual budget must be strictly followed, unless the Council approves a budget amendment allowing monies to be transferred from one account to another for very specific purposes. Budget amendments are intended to be an uncommon event, and a super majority (7 votes) is required for their approval. The City Administrator's budget is most significant financial document of the City.

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2021 City Budget2 documents

  • City Administrator's Recommended Budget
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2022 City Budget1 document

  • City Administrator's Recommended Budget
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