City seeking public input for the City’s Strategic Plan for 2022 - 2024.

Strategicplan100521The strategic plan is a vital tool for the City of Marshfield to ensure that priorities for the next three years are clearly conveyed, align with the City’s finances, capital improvement plan, important policy decisions, economic development initiatives, public safety priorities, communications, and that the overall City government is accountable to meeting the needs of the community.

During the past few months, City leaders have been working diligently to set goals for the next three years. Learning from our past strategic plan, we have narrowed the list somewhat, with the intent of concentrating our time and resources on what we believe to be the most important issues in each of the respective categories. Adding to the original 5 areas (economic/community development, financial, human resources, communication, and infrastructure we've included two areas - quality of life, and administration.  

City staff has presented the proposed plan to the Common Council and now wants your valuable input before seeking Council approval later this month. Please send us your reply by regular mail or e-mail to:

City Administrator Steve Barg, City Hall, 207 W. 6th St. Marshfield, WI. 54449 or e-mail by Tuesday, October 19th.   

Please view the preliminary strategic plan on our City website, here.